How to be a romantic philosopher

If you want to be a romantic philosopher, then you need to read some romantic philosophers. Plato said, “Love is the desire for good things on behalf of another.” And Aristotle said that love is: “A single soul inhabiting two bodies” and that it’s characterised by “a certain friendship which arises from kinship in virtue.”

So what do these philosophers mean by all this? Well, for one thing, they’re saying that it’s not about playing mind games with Melbourne escorts. It’s about how much time and energy you put into making your partner happy.

Be A Renaissance Person

To be a romantic philosopher, you have to be a Renaissance person. Being open-minded and curious about the world is essential for understanding your partner and yourself. 

You must also be interested in the arts as it feeds our soul and inspires us for our creative endeavours. Finally, try new things as an excellent way to experience life is through exploration, and there’s no better place than with your beloved at your side.

Take The Time To Appreciate Great Art

Suppose you’re feeling stuck in your relationship. Art is a great way to appreciate the world and connect with your partner. Art can also help people express themselves through work and practice self-care by giving them time away from their daily responsibilities.

Imagine The Future Together

This is a great way to bond and plan for the future, whether it’s your wedding or just a weekend away. You can make your own personal vision board, or you can use an online tool. 

When you begin to imagine what it would look like if you were together in each other’s arms again, it gives us hope that one day we will see each other again. This will help guide us through deciding what kind of life we want together as well as making decisions about our futures, like where to live next year to be closer. 

Create Rituals, Traditions And Memories Together

Rituals, traditions and memories are ways to create an experience you can share with your partner. These experiences will help you to create a strong bond together.

Create a ritual around a special day, such as every year on your anniversary, you could go to the same restaurant. This creates continuity in your relationship and helps you both feel like part of something bigger than yourself.

Create a tradition around an event. This could be anything from celebrating Christmas together at home with family or friends every year to going on holiday somewhere new every summertime. 

In Conclusion

You should be a romantic philosopher. You can do this by appreciating great art, reading books on love and relationships, imagining the future together, growing together as a couple and with yourselves individually.

Ultimately, it’s not about being a romantic philosopher or not. It’s about showing your partner that you care for them and want to grow together. The best way to do this is by creating memories, traditions and rituals with them. You don’t have to be Shakespeare, but if you can show them how much they mean to you, then everything else will fall into place naturally.