Lake Dora Sushi & Sake Menus


Bento Box Lunches

All Bento Box lunches are $10 (price includes tax). Served with miso soup and drink (soda, hot or iced tea, bottled water).

Teriyaki Chicken or Beef Bento Box
Teriyaki chicken or beef with mushroom  on bed of rice, salad, gyoza and 4-piece California roll

Chicken Cutlet Bento Box
Panko crusted cutlet sliced with rice, gyoza and 4-piece California roll

Yakiniku Bento Box
Thin sliced rib eye steak and vegetables with spicy yakiniku sauce and 4-piece California roll

Shrimp Tempura Bento Box
Shrimp tempura with vegetables tempura, rice, gyoza and 4-piece California roll

Vegetable bento box
Vegetables tempura with salad, rice and cucumber roll


From Sushi bar

Roll combo A - California roll, Ohio roll, Shrimp tempura roll (no raw fish)$8.75
Roll combo B - Shrimp tempura roll, Spicy tuna roll, California roll $9.00
Veggie roll combo - Sweet potato tempura roll, cucumber roll, Shiitake roll $7.50
Sushi/roll combo - 5 piece assorted sushi plus Spicy Tuna or California roll $9.00
Sansyoku - - 3 pieces sushi & 3 pieces sashimi (tuna, escolar & salmon) $10.00
Tuna Lover combo - 2 piece Tuna sushi, Spicy tuna roll & Tuna kobachi with avocado $9.50
Salmon Lover combo - 2 piece salmon sushi, Alaska roll & salmon kobachi with avocado $9.50
Chirashi lunch - assorted sashimi on bed of rice$11.00