Lake Dora Sushi & Sake Menus


General | Premium Cold Sake

Hot Sake small $4.75 / large $6.25 
Cold Premium Sake(see below)
Sake Sangria (Cold) $6.00 
Sake Sunrise (Hot) $6.00 
Plum Wine $4.00 

House Red - Merlot, Cabernet
House White - Chardonnay, White zinfandel, Pinot Grigio, Riesling

Domestic: Bud, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra $3.25
Japanese: Kirin, Kirin light, Sapporo $5.00

Kiddy Cocktail $2.25 
Ice Tea $1.50 
Hot Tea $1.25 
Sparkling Water $1.75 
Bottle Water $1.50

Premium Cold Sake

Junmai Regular, Pure sake – No starches or sugars other than rice added
to fermenting mixture were used. Full, rich body and a higher-than-average acidity$6.50

JunmaiUnfiltered, Rich & Sweet – Non-filtered w/ rice flavor and
mellow finish $6.50

Moonstone Asian Pear sake: Delicate Asian pear aroma, a soft mouth feel and
slightly sweet and fruity aromas. $8.00

Moonstone Coconut Lemongrass – Aromas of tropical spice, citrus,
coconut. Lush cloudy texture $8.00

Momokawa Diamond sake – Junmai ginjo; Off dry melon and tropical
fruit flavors with spice notes $7.00

Gekkeikan Draft sake – Microfiltered with a smooth, fresh flavor,
semi-dry character and just a hint of banana $8.50

Gekkeikan Zipang Sparkling sake –Carbonated w/champagne qualities;
sweet yet refreshingly light flavored. $7.00

Yaegaki – Pure rice sake with a rich local flavor and top-quality ingredients
from Banshu, Japan. A smooth yet full-bodied sake with grain of
corn, anise and vodka characteristics. $8.00

Ginjo Katana – Full-bodied, super-dry sake w/ a strong presence and
thick flavor with almost no perceptible smell or sweetness. $9.00

G Genshu Joy sake – Not your Papa-san's sake. This big boy is loaded
with crazy layered flavors of apple pear melon hints of butterscotch and
caramel all finishing with crisp and lingering cinnamon anise and cardamom. $10.25

Gekkeikan Plum wine (750ml) – Made from the choicest plums from Wakayama,
Japan. Its subtly sweet, natural plum flavor has just a hint of tartness $20.00